Seed to Smoke Training.

Hi, my name is Adam Gaczewski. I created this website because I love growing Cannabis. I have grown hundreds of pounds of Cannabis recreationally growing up, and now I want to share my skills with you. I am currently enrolled in the New York State Medical Marijuana program. Times are changing, and currently, there are 18 states where you can grow Cannabis legally. Cannabis Laws are changing every month as states legalize Cannabis. I don’t want you left behind in this rapidly growing industry.

         You might be wondering if Cannabis is legal and I can buy it at the store, why would I grow my own. I can tell you why I grow my own, and hopefully, you can relate or get interested. Growing Cannabis or any plant takes time and hard work and is not for everyone. It’s a living, growing thing. I usually name my plants after x girlfriends. (don’t ask me why). I don’t talk to many people by choice, so my plants are my babies, and I enjoy taking care of them as they grow. My favorite part of the grow is when the plants start to flower; it’s incredible. I rush home every day after work to inspect every inch of the plants. I spend hours grooming my plants and ensuring they have the best environment to grow to their best potential. I believe I grow better Cannabis than dispensaries because I use better Nutrients and care for the plants better. I know I can teach you how to grow better Cannabis than your local dispensary. It takes time and hard work, but in the end, it will save you money, and you will be a happier person for it.

         I am selling seed to smoke training, meaning I will start with a short 15-minute zoom call. In this call, I will ask you what state you will be growing in. Depending on what state you are in, you might have to get a medical Cannabis card to grow legally. You can get your medical card by talking to your doctor. You can also set up an appointment online with Dr. Nugg. Once we get you legal, I will sit down with you and figure out what strain you want to grow. Then we have to get you all the supplies. I will create your personalized list so you can purchase everything from amazon. Then we will get you your seeds. I use many different nurseries with world-class genetics, which means you will grow the best Cannabis, and you are starting ahead of the game. I will be there every step of the way. I will meet with you once a week on zoom for an hour each week. I will put you together with a weekly plan every week, and I will be available for you on zoom should you run into any problems.

         This is a long journey we will take together. It will take lots of time and effort on both of our parts, but I promise to leave you with a skill you will cherish for the rest of your life or your money back.


Seed to smoke training. Will create custom grow plan and meet with you once a week on zoom.